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  • Health Reference Series (Omnigraphics)

    Background information on illnesses, disorders, and other health-related issues.

  • Salem Press (Salem Online)

    Ebooks and background information in career development, history, health, science, and literature.

  • Ebook Collection (EBSCO)

    Ebooks on social sciences, information technology, the humanities, business, economics, and more.

  • Ebook Central (ProQuest)

    Scholarly and popular ebooks from various subject areas.

  • Drama Online (Bloomsbury Publishing)

    Streaming video and audio of dramatic performances, including the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company, film adaptations, published plays, and scholarly books on theatre.

  • Gale eBooks (Gale)

    Background information from general and subject encyclopedias.

  • OneSearch (Ex Libris)

    Los Rios Libraries' online catalog and access to the content of most databases held at Los Rios.

  • Ebsco Search (EBSCO)

    Scholarly journals, magazines, and ebooks from a variety of EBSCOhost databases.

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